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Sunday, 02 September 2018 18:08

Hidden In God Featured

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Today in church our pastor read from Ephesians 2:1-4 about the treasure and mysteries that are hidden in God and revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ. He also spoke about walking in Christ. It was an excellent message! During the message he relayed the story from a good many years ago about the discovery of diamonds in Africa. The story goes that some men traveled to Africa and while there they found children playing a game of "marbles." The amazing part of the game was that these children were actually using diamonds to play. So they held a treasure in their hands, but they didn't know it! They could have built mansions, had enough food to feed their entire country, and anything that money could buy at that time! They were happy to have marbles, but they had so much more. They didn't know the value of what they had and it effected their understanding of what they had. Their understanding was from a lack of knowledge. Their lack Of knowledge rendered them unable to properly utilize that very valuable asset. They were playing games with treasure! If Christians would dig into the word of God (Scripture) and walk in Christ (the Word God made flesh) to KNOW the value of the treasure that is hidden in God in Christ...we would be able to walk in Christ according to knowledge! We would know the value of this treasure that is in "earthen vessels," which is in us. This treasure that is in our hands, in our hearts! We have been given the Spirit of God by faith, the same Spirit that spoke the worlds into existence, that raised Christ from the dead, and spoke the word (Scripture). Christ in us the hope of glory! We know that we have a treasure in Him, but if we truly understood the value of all that we have been given it wouldn't be hard to walk in Him. The more we hear the word of God (Scripture) and walk in Him (Jesus Christ, the Word of God) by His Spirit, the more we realize the value of what we possess in and through God. Not only that but "He gave gifts to man [mankind]" by that same Spirit! We have so much more than we could ever imagine or think! Right there inside of you is a storehouse full of treasure yet to be revealed! The word of God (Scripture) is like a field full of treasure, the Spirit of God is One who unearths or reveals the value of it to you, and once you understand that the Lord Jesus Christ gives all things to you in Him...there is no amount of diamonds that could compel you to sell it! The treasure that is hidden in God is made available to us, to you in Christ. It is God who gave us Scripture (word of God), gives us the ability to understand what He speaks, and makes us alive in Christ Jesus (Word of God) by His Spirit that lives in us. Read the Bible, ask God to give you understanding, and believe that He will reward you. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, of those who seek (above everything else) to know the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Note: This post is loosely based off of the pastor's message and isn't a verbatim account of what he was preaching. It includes thoughts that I had while I was listening to the message. I enjoyed the preaching and I'm thankful to have a good pastor.
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