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Monday, 04 February 2019 01:27

Your Spiritual Reality

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Your foundation is the most important aspect in determining your spiritual condition. Naturally speaking if you do not have a sure foundation, then the building will automatically be destroyed when the foundation is destroyed. Is your foundation able to withstand a volcanic explosion of fire and lava that causes the earth to quake until the ground splits open and rivers of boiling lava flow from its depths? When the fiery eruption of fire burns its way over and through everything in your life will your foundation remain and everything built on it still be standing? Will you still have faith when you have nothing to go on but a promise? Will you still have hope when nothing is going right and everything is going wrong? Will you still have love when the people you love hate you, despise you, and treat you spitefully? When you possess nothing, have nobody left to depend on, and your life is falling apart does your foundation support you and leave you standing? Or does your foundation fail you and leave you broken? Your spiritual reality depends on the answers to these questions.
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