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Wednesday, 19 September 2018 17:51

Scripture and the Spirit of God

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The Spirit of God confirms the word of God (as it is written) and the word of God confirms the work of the Spirit of God in us. It is a work of the Spirit that give us understanding of Scripture. It is hearing Scripture and hearing by the word of God that gives us faith in God. It is my hope that we, you and I, hear the Scriptures with faith and grow by it. It is the Spirit of God that works in us to finish the work of God that He began in us. It is the Spirit of God that compels us to study the word of God (Scripture) to show ourselves approved, not approved by the world but rather approved by God. Knowing the Scriptures concerning this life and the solution to our struggles is so important to moving forward as we walk in Christ! It was and still is important in my own life. Some may have overcome by the Spirit and power of God (without knowing ALL the Scriptures) before various trials and adversities, in such cases coming to know the Scriptures addressing their problems confirms the work of God within them (by the Spirit of God). For others knowing the Scriptures beforehand and hearing them by God through faith may be the turning point in their heart and mind, which the Spirit of God will confirm by the working of the Spirit of God within their hearts as well. How can one learn a truth without knowing certain Scriptures and another learn specific Scriptures first to grow by the same truth? The same Spirit that authored the Scriptures lives in those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ by faith! The Spirit of God always speaks the truth. Does this mean that I don't need the Scripture? God forbid! We all need the Scriptures! The Scripture is truth and Jesus Christ is Truth. The word of God (Scripture) confirms and affirms the Holy Spirit AND the Holy Spirit confirms and affirms the word of God as it is written. The Spirit of God intercedes for us, when we lack knowledge of what to pray for, which is why some experience deliverance without knowing Romans 6-8 first, for instance. The SAME Spirit teaches what the Scriptures mean, which is why some hear this truth first and then walk in it by faith. The Scripture is given by the Spirit of God, both are necessary and neither should be rejected. They are One truth, they do not contradict nor deny one another, but confirm and affirm the other. We would not know the truth without Scripture and we would not understand the truth without the Spirit of God. If we did not need the Scripture after receiving the Spirit of God, then we would not have been given any books of the Bible after Acts! It is quite evident by various Scriptures that the Deceiver is on a war path. There are those who are deceived and deceiving, the word of God (Scripture) is the SWORD of the Spirit! It is our weapon against Satan, that liar and deceiver. Why would any Christian choose to leave their weapon lying around unused while their enemy (Satan) is seeking whom he may devour? Wouldn't the unarmed and unaware "Christian" be the easiest to destroy?! Why would someone be in combat without a weapon?! You don't even know you have a sword or an enemy even, without the Scriptures! To those who would say the Scripture is written by men and as such it is unreliable, you can NOT judge the Scriptures because you have NOT tried them! You say to us, "You listen to men, but I listen to God." However, it is you, you are the one that does not listen to God. If you listened to God, then you would not be afraid to read the Scriptures and come to the knowledge of God! If you had the Spirit of God (which is the Spirit of truth), then you would know and recognise that God's word (Scripture as it is written) is truth and the Lord Jesus Christ is Truth. You listen to men everyday in every area of your life and you obey them! You have bosses, teachers, friends, laws, lawyers, accountants, mentors, trainers, and more! Here is one excuse, "I believed men wrote the Bible, so I didn't read it to see for myself!" This excuse won't cut it. How do I know that?! I know that, because you listen to men everyday and read their words!
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